Job Description


Within delegated authority, the Chief of Staff will be responsible for the following duties


Ensures the effective direction and integrated management of all the mission’s activities in line with the strategic vision and guidance of the SRSG.
Oversees the internal management of the mission on behalf of the SRSG, including the development of, advice on and promotion of policies on management issues, including risk management.
Facilitates the translation of policy intent and high-level direction of mission leadership into viable tasks, and works with components to ensure their effective implementation.
Directs and oversees core integrated processes and mechanisms that enable the integrated delivery of the mission’s mandate, including programme management, information management and crisis management.
Holds the overall management responsibility for and oversees the work of the staff working in the office of the SRSG, as appropriate.
Serves as the focal point in the Office of the SRSG for all sensitive personnel and management issues, as well as for contacts with the Office of Internal Oversight Services and the Resident Auditor.
Serves as interface between the Office of SRSG and the Mission Support component on all personnel matters, and oversees the recruitment of senior mission management appointments.
Planning and budgeting

Oversees Mission-wide planning processes, ensuring coherence is maintained between mandated tasks, component plans/concepts of operations as required by policies, guidelines and best practices on planning.
Ensures the proper conduct of processes critical to the delivery of mandate implementation, particularly strategic planning, policy coordination and senior level decision-making. The CoS also ensures a clear understanding between substantive priorities and support capacities; and, liaises with all components to advise and ensure the use of the best methods for achieving the objectives and priorities of the mission. Facilitates the translation of policy intent and high-level direction by the SRSG into viable work plans, and works with components to ensure the implementation of those work plans.
In coordination with the Chief Mission Support, ensures an integrated approach to the results based budget process, including alignment with strategic and operational plans and adequate provisions to meet resource requirements, and oversees the process as it relates to substantive mission components.
Periodically reviews, with the mission leadership team, the delivery of component work plans, identifying necessary adjustments to mission plans and/or revised assumptions, as appropriate.

Provides guidance on United Nations policies and procedures.
Coordinates the development and implementation of cross-cutting and management policies among the various components of the Mission.
Ensures that advice and information on cross-cutting issues is coordinated with all relevant components of the Mission prior to submission to the SRSG.
Reporting, communications and information management

Ensures effective functioning of coherent communications structures and systems and serves as the focal point for communication with United Nations Headquarters in New York.
Oversees mission-wide, integrated procedures and systems for information analysis and management, including intra-mission information sharing, reporting requirements, security classification, records management and publication of Intranet content.
Oversees the implementation of knowledge management approaches throughout the mission, such as handover notes, after-action reviews and end-of-assignment reports.

In close consultation with the SRSG and Chief Mission Support, facilitates discussions between the mission and national government on issues related to UNOWA’s functions.
Advises the SRSG on protocol matters and supervises and provides guidance on the preparation and coordination of official visits.
Performs other duties as required.

Professionalism: Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the strategic

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